How to logout from whatsapp | Poll in WhatsApp | WhatsApp spam


How to logout from whatsapp

So friends, WhatsApp's biggest problem was this. how to logout from WhatsApp But now it has been solved. 

In the new update, many features have been added to control WhatsApp spam. And another feature like Telegram has also been added in WhatsApp. This Feature is Poll in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a very important part of our lives, I don't think any app will be able to replace WhatsApp.

 And this is another reason why it is so popular. Obviously talk, create groups, we do a lot on WhatsApp. Meta, a parent company, is bringing new features.

 Upcoming features of the WhatsApp that will come with the next update and these features are not just for one thing. They are for groups, security visual appearance and so on. The first feature is going to be very popular.

Logout from whatsapp

I am most excited about this Logout Feature. Now you can easily logout from WhatsApp

For example, if you have two mobiles. So you can logout WhatsApp from one mobile and login to another mobile. And you don't have to do any OTP verification etc.

Polls in WhatsApp

You must have seen the Polls Feature in many of other apps.

Polls feature has been around for a long time on Facebook and Telegram. But no other communication app has a user base like WhatsApp. 

How to logout from whatsapp

And when the poll feature comes. So it will become the most popular. Polls feature is currently being tested in beta version of WhatsApp

This will probably roll out in the next update. Start thinking about what polls you will post now.


Now let's talk about the new feature of WhatsApp. You may have seen and created many groups in WhatsApp. But this time you will also see community feature in WhatsApp

There is a big difference between community and group. There is a limit to the WhatsApp group. This means you can only add up to 250 members to a group. But that will not happen in community. You can add thousands of members to the community.

How to logout from whatsapp

 The limit will be in thousands in communities, the community feature was announced 7-8 months ago. But due to various reasons, it was delayed. The biggest reason for delay in community feature is spam. 

There is also a new feature in the group for spam. You all know that groups already have a lot of spam and when there is a community there will be even more spam.

 So WhatsApp is bringing a lot of interesting things to control the community feature and it is going to be launched very soon, this feature will probably come in the next beta version of WhatsApp

And after the beta you will also find this feature in the normal version. If you want new features then install WhatsApp Beta. where you get the latest feature updates. 

Emoji's Reaction

The Replies will go to the next level. Yes, emoji reaction is coming. Right now we're laughing and sending emojis etc but it's going as a message. Now friends, if someone message you and you are happy or sad with this message.

How to logout from whatsapp

 So for that now 6 emojis will come and now you will not need to type a new message. 

Just click on the message you want to respond to. And select Emoji. Your emoji will only be attached to this message. Many other platforms like Facebook already have this feature, but WhatsApp will soon implement it.

Hide(Last Seen)

Privacy is the most important thing in WhatsApp. Now friends, the last seen in WhatsApp is very sensitive. we might feel the need to hide our Last Seen from some people.

Currently if you hide the last seen it will hide it from everyone. But now Granular control will come. 

This means you don't have to show your Last Seen Status to some contacts - you will be able to do it.

Delete Messages

Over the last year and a half, the Delete Messages feature has been greatly improved. When this feature first appeared, we had to delete the message in 2 minutes.

 But now his time was extended to 70 minutes. But now in the new update of WhatsApp we will not get any time limit.

This means we can now delete our messages whenever we want.

Search Messages

An important addition is also happening in Search Messages. Currently if you search a message it will show in all the chats.

 But this will not happen now. If you want to search any message, just go to the profile of the contact whose message you want to search. And in the profile you will see the Search icon.

 By clicking on it you can search any of your messages. And you will only see the message that will be in this chat, the remaining thousands of messages will not be shown to you.

Profile Photo In Notifications

So friends, notifications come to everyone on WhatsApp. And many times we ignore them. Because we don't know who sent us the message.

How to logout from whatsapp

But this will not happen now. Because WhatsApp has greatly improved the notification system. 

Now we will be able to see the profile photo along with the notification. This will make it easier for us to know who sent the message.

Read Later

So friends, we have all seen the option called Archived messages in WhatsApp. but never paid attention to this option.

 But now WhatsApp have renamed this Archived messages option and made it read later. 

Now it will have the advantage that we will remember that Read Later messages are to be read.

Forwarding Messages

So friends, this time WhatsApp have reduced the forwarding limit even more to control spam

Earlier WhatsApp had set Forward Limit up to 5. But now it has been reduced. Now you can only forward once. That means full control over spam.