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Cool Apps | Insta mod apk

In this article, I will Provide you Details about 3 cool apps.
I will give you an insta mod apk which is much more amazing than normal Instagram.
Insta mod apk has many features For Example, Ghost Mode, Last Seen hide

Ghost Mode

In the list of Cool apps ,this is 1st app.
What if I told you that there is a ghost mode on Instagram? You can use it to view anyone's Instagram story. 
That is, the one in front will not even know.

 And you will also see his Instagram story.
Similarly, through this Ghost Mode, you can join anyone's Instagram Live, and your name won't even come up there.

Cool Apps | Insta mod apk

If you see someone's DM in Instagram, then the seen mark will not come.
And if you're chatting with someone on Instagram, the typing mark that appears will not show.

Just now I have told you some features of this amazing app. And yes, you won't find all that on normal Instagram.
For that you have to download insta mod apk. Which is a modification of Instagram app for Android.

In insta mod apk you get two types of settings. The first is insta mod setting from which you can access normal profile etc. And the second setting is Developer Setting. 

To access the Developer Settings, you need to Long Hold on the Home icon. And here you will find all the Advance Settings.
As i have told you, That is a very useful modification. 

If you are facing quality issue in uploading from your Android then it has quality improvement options. Using this, if you post a story, photo or reel on Instagram, there will be no loss in quality.

By default Instagram compresses stories and videos. You can remove this restriction by using this feature.
By using instander you can easily download any picture or video.

There are many more amazing features in this app. And as far as privacy is concerned, you can trust this app. But to download this app from the right source. I will provide you the Download Link of this app. From where you can easily download it.

Find Location By Phone Number

in the list of Cool apps ,this is 2nd app.
So let's say there is someone in your contact. Whose location you need to know.
For this you have to message this contact on WhatsApp. In which you will write Location.

 And Boom As soon as you send this message. Here you will get his Location with Battery Percentage and Network Quality.

Cool Apps | Insta mod apk

All you have to do is install an app on the target device. Whose name is Find Location By Phone Number.

After installing the app, you have to give Notification Access and location Permission to this app. Allow these two permissions properly otherwise this app will not work.

Then after that you have to go to Create and type any one Trigger Message. As I write location. And just click on Done and you're done.

Now whenever you need to know the location of this device. You write the location on the Whatsapp Number of this phone and send it.
And you will get its location.

This app is very useful if you want to monitor the location of any of your family members or children. And Easy to Use is it.

ISS Location Tracker

in the list of Cool apps ,this is 3rd app.
Have you ever visited the International Space Station? ISS and some special communication satellites are about the size of a football ground. Which orbits the Earth at a height of about 400 km from the Earth at a speed of 7.6 km per second. 

Cool Apps | Insta mod apk

Astronauts in this space station. They do scientific experiments etc. in zero gravity. The ISS orbits the Earth about 16 times. But we can only see it in the morning and at night. When the sunlight is low. 

We just need to know its exact location and timing. ISS detector is an app that allows you to view space stations and some communication satellites without a telescope.

The ISS detector app will access your location and tell you When can you see the ISS? 
In this app you will find all the details. Like Exact Direction, Duration from start to end time will also be found. 

And you can watch live footage of Satellites from here. It will also show you the live location of this ISS through Google map. So whenever ISS flies-by from your location, go out and you will be able to see this ISS through Naked-Eye.